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  • Early Years Foundation Stage guidelines

    As a childcare provider, we must meet the criteria of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) guidelines for children under 6, which is defined by the Department for Education; this means following a structure of learning, development and care for all our children.
    We are committed to the EYFS, ensuring that:

    • Children learn through play
    • We work closely with all parents
    • We keep you up-to-date on your child’s progress
    • We meet the welfare, learning and all-round development needs of children with different backgrounds and levels of ability, including those with special educational needs and disabilities wherever possible

    To help children under 6 reach their full potential, we deliver the EYFS curriculum of learning through play and planned activities.

    The three primary areas of learning are:

    • Communication and language
    • Physical development
    • Personal, social and emotional development

    The further four specific areas are:

    • Literacy
    • Mathematics
    • Understanding of the world
    • Expressive arts and design