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  • Our Food

    Tasty, nutritious meals are lovingly prepared by our on-site chefs everyday using the freshest, high quality, locally sourced produce.

    A healthy lifestyle is firmly established throughout Kids at Heart and we teach your child about self-care, making informed choices and understanding the fundamentals to managing their own health. Our vision of this is to positively promote exercise through physical play alongside with carefully planned seasonal menus and snacks. All menus are displayed in our settings for parents to see.

    We want to give your child the best start to the day so they can enjoy a healthy breakfast at all our settings. At our Nurseries we then offer a choice of healthy mid morning snacks like homemade houmous with crudites, milk or water and a hot two course meal at midday. Children are encouraged to sit together and eat with a knife and fork, and we record what they have eaten. As they move through the Nursery they are encouraged to self-serve to develop their social skills, turn taking and sharing.

    Afternoon tea is served from 3.30 pm onwards and water is available at all times throughout the day. Babies’ meals are adapted and special diets are catered for wherever possible.

    We are committed to helping combat tooth decay in all children, so this means that our meals, snacks and drinks are carefully chosen to avoid hidden sugars (where possible). Although we have delicious home cooked desserts as a treat, there is always yoghurt and fruit healthy options available. Brown rice and wholemeal pasta is used when possible.