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    How long has Kids at Heart been established?

    Are you Ofsted registered and what does this mean?

    What times do sessions run?

    Is the nursery open throughout the year?

    Can I book extra sessions if I need more care?

    How many children and carers are in each room?

    Will my child have the same carers each session?

    How are staff selected, screened and trained?

    Are all staff qualified and/or experienced?

    Do you update me on my child's progress?

    How often do the children go outside?

    What's included in the fees?

    What else do I need to bring?

    Do the children come in for an introductory session before they start?

    What happens if my child needs to sleep during the day?

    What's the menu like?

    Help with fees?

    How do I know what my child has been doing?