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  • January – April 2020

    As we head in 2020, we are looking forward to having another fab year at Kids at Heart!

    To kick start the year, we will be looking towards Spring and have lots of fantastic ideas and activities for the children to take part in. New displays will be created around the nursery and we will be able to spend more time outside in our lovely garden once the early evenings get a little bit lighter.

    We will be celebrating Chinese New Year at the end of January by learning a traditional scarf dance during the children’s weekly dance class. The children will learn about different cultural traditions and festivals that are celebrated both in and out of our community, this will help them to develop their understanding of the world.

    In February we will make Valentine cards and unique keepsakes for the special people in our lives. The children love to use their expressive art and design skills as they use a variety of media and resources to create their own work. At the end of the month we will make and taste pancakes on Shrove Tuesday…….. yum!

    In March, we will talk about how seasons change, how this impacts on nature and our environment, and we will explore our garden to see what we can find! We will no doubt spend lots of time in our mud kitchen, mud pit, on our play equipment, and will even have a go at some gardening as the weather gets better. We will celebrate St David’s Day and St Patrick’s Day and towards the end of March we will celebrate Mother’s Day and will make some beautiful cards for the special people in our lives. We will also discuss our family and friends during circle time which allows the children to share some wonderful stories and memories.

    In April we will celebrate Easter by decorating eggs, making fabulous pictures, having an egg hunt in our garden and will of course have some chocolate treats! We will also celebrate the Queen’s birthday by having a royal tea party and will send her a special card, and will celebrate St. Georges Day by making flags, reading stories about dragons and princesses and doing some dancing.

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