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  • Nidderdale Childrens’ Day Nursery

    Stage 2

    From 12 to 22 months

    Stage 2 has a lovely big room with separate messy play room, changing room, eating area and space for imaginative, constructive, musical and physical play.

    We do lots of mark making, painting and sticking to encourage using their hands and develop their pincer grip plus tactile activities to encourage exploration; use songs and actions to help recognise words and objects; Heuristic play uses everyday objects from around their home and outside environment to explore with their senses; and we have open ended play to encourage the children to explore and investigate, making their own connections for brain development.

    Stage 2 also have their own outdoor play area which allows your toddler the freedom to explore in the safety of their own garden, while still allowing them to see their older friends in the bigger play area. The Sit-in cars, seesaws and playhouses are always a favourite whilst supporting physical development and understanding relationships of in and out, on and off.

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