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  • Nidderdale Childrens’ Day Nursery

    Stage 5

    From 38 to 60 months

    Stage 5 is the Pre-school section which is split between 2 rooms.

    Your child will have a choice of activities in both rooms, based on their interests. Whether it’s milking the cows in the small world farmyard or practising your letters, Free flow play is encouraged within the two playrooms so that your child can make their own choice and extend and develop from planned activities.

    There are plenty of opportunities to be creative, use ICT, sand and water, construction toys, imaginative and musical play. Writing and mark making opportunities are always available and we regularly play maths games like sounds lotto, shopping basket game, picture dominos. We also bake, read, sing, dance and speak French together. The children are supported in choosing and self-serving lunch to encourage independence and prepare them for school.

    There is also the opportunity to explore in the large garden which your child can access each day as they continue their exciting play and learning and our Kids at Heart people carrier means that the children can also enjoy off-site trips.

    Out into the great outdoors…